Crona Carbon Fiber CRS-CB322

HIGH MODULUS, HIGH STRENGTH, IMPREGNATING ADHESIVE FOR CRSWRAP SYSTEM. Digunakan sebagai impregnasi resin dengan sistem CRSWRAP CFRP. CRS-CB322 digunakan sebagai seal coat dan impregnasi resin untuk aplikasi horizontal dan vertikal.

Lokasi lokasi CRONA
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  • Long pot life and open time.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Tolerant of moisture before, during and after cure.
  • High strength, high modulus adhesive.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, metals, wood and most structural materials.
  • Fully compatible and developed specifically for the CRS Wrap System.
  • High creep resistance under permanent load.
  • High abrasion and shock resistance.
  • Solvent-free, VOC-compliant.
  • High temperature resistance.

Carbon Fiber

Surface Pretreatment

Substrate must be clean, sound, and free of surface moisture. Remove dust, laitance, grease, oils, curing compound, waxes, impregnations, foreign particles, coatings and disintegrated materials or any other bond inhibiting materials from the surface. For best results, substrate should be dry.


Pre stir each component separately to ensure uniform color and consistency. Empty Component B into Component A in the correct ratio and mix the combined components for at least three (3) minutes at low speed (300 – 450 rpm) with Jiffy type paddle suited to the volume of the mixing container. For bulk packaging and when not mixing full units, each component must be pre- stirred separately to ensure product uniformity and then accurately measured into a suitably sized and clean mixing container. Keep the mixing paddle in the material to avoid introducing or entrapping air while mixing. Ensure that the mixed components are completely blended to avoid any weak or partially cured spots in the applied material. During the mixing operation, scrape down the sides and bottom of the container with a flat or straight edge trowel at least once to ensure complete mixing. When completely mixed, the mixture should be uniform in color and in consistency.

Clean Up

Clean all tools and equipment with Cleaner. Once hardened, product can only be removed mechanically. Wash soiled hands and skin thoroughly in hot soapy water.